Wednesday, February 28

Ikes second tune

Troublemakers - Street Preacher

Album: Another Late Night - Kid Loco 2002

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Another Late Night is a project where many different artists mix their favorite songs for a relaxed night . Artists include Fila Brazillia, Zero 7, Kid Loco, Jamiroquai, Nightmares on Wax and Four Tet.

giulios this weeks recommandation

cerrone - music of released in 1978 on malligator music.

i love this track...its a great discotrack with wonderful vocals...

i hope you like it

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Ikes first tune for this week.

1 Paul Weller - Sunflower
Album: Wild Wood 1993

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I find this song suiting for the first post since it has many different elements of sounds which are nicely composed. It wont necessarily be only this kind of music that will be posted but various sounds from the past 50 years.