Saturday, December 15

once upon a time....

so...ennio stopped by in vienna this week...and i was lucky enough to witness one of his very rare live appearances...

the great morricone was accompanied by the roma sinfonietta orchestra and the nuovo coro lirico sinfonico romano choir...there were about 200 people on stage!!!

it was a great concert...and one part of it was dedicated to the filmscores morricone did for the sergio leone western movies...and one of my favourite ones was the theme song to the 1968 piece "once upon a time in the west"...ENJOY!

Sunday, December 9

freaks fret

jim seals and dash crofts formed the duo "seals & crofts" in the late 60s after working together in several bands before, to record over a dozen of albums together.

their second album "summer breeze" from 1972 turned out a great commercial success (no. 7 in us album charts) and established their status as one of the most popular soft rock bands of the 70s.

here is a song of s&c´s 1975 album "i´ll play for you":

DOWNLOAD seals & crofts - freak fret

Sunday, December 2

abd now...something totally different...

this is a man, who is responisble for soooo many melodies everyone knows!!! least among german speaking fellows...

think of the title melodies of heidi, wicki, alice´s adventures in wonderland, think of the jingle for milka chocolate, think of "marmor, stein und eisen bricht", or "ein bißchen spass muss sein" by roberto blanco!!!...and very important: the soundtrack to the legendary tv-show "captain future"...

one man was responsible for all these catchy songs and melodies from the late 60s until today: Christian Bruhn, who is now chairman of the german GEMA...

here are to rather short songs, christian bruhn did for the 1979 german tv-show "timm thaler"
timm auf der flucht
wetten dass...

Wednesday, November 28

yo brother...

ok...jorge ben shouldn´t be a stranger anymore...he has been mentioned here before...´s a song for my good friend kenny...i know he loves this song!! and this the original version from jorge ben´s selftitled album from 1969!!!
...HERE it is...enjoy.

ps: if you´re a football-experct you might already have noticed the "flamengo rio de janeiro" emblem on jorge´s guitar!

Monday, November 26

...back to 2006...

...when this great album by the japanese band cro-magnon was released. their selftitled album debut on "jazzy sports records" took us on a journey of live instrumental funk/disco and house jams with so much energy!!

here is a more laid back song: cro-magnon - silent supreme

check out more music of cro-magnons, also from their new album great triangle on myspace

Friday, November 23

speaking of punks...

...i dug out this reissue double lp out of my little collection...

konk, a ny band from the early 80s...weren´t a punk band...much more they were the link between the post punk/ punk funk scene and the disco scene of ny these days...

and thats what they sound like...check it:
konk - machina jam from"the sound of konk" 2004 reissue on souljazz records!

Wednesday, November 21

a rocking horse

"rocking horse" is a us - band that released a selftitled album in 1975 on rca rcords...thats pretty much all i know about them.

i first heard the rocking horse on a mix by rub n tug...later i got the picture disc...

but...i had to get the original release...and this summer i finally got it...sorry, i cant put the cover of the record up here...i cant find it online...and i dont have a digi-cam!!!

so...from their self titled album, here´s rocking horse with change it for the better...enjoy

Monday, November 19

lets get mellow

formed in 2003, the dynamics from france have opened new doors...they filled the gap between funk/soul and jamaican reggae and dub!! their seven nation army re-interpretation has been posted here before... today i have another "coverversion", taken from the dynamics´ "version excursions", just released on groove attack prouctions its the classic "brothers on the slide", originally by cymande...enjoy!! get it here: grooveattack

Friday, November 16

the fleetwood mac...

...again...i always come back to post songs by this great band and their members´ solo work...

here´s one song, that first appeared as a single, later released on the 1969 album "the pious bird of good golem", written by peter green:

black magic woman

yes, the song that became a hit, interpreted by carlos santana in 1970. i cant decide on which one i prefer...although santana is definetly the better guitar-player...have a listen...

Saturday, November 10

this is voodoo

uk housemusic history

gerald simpson aka a guy called gerald with
voodoo ray

Sunday, October 28

who´s that guy...

chriss isaak!!!...remember???..i´m sure you do...
more than 15 years ago, he released his album "heart shaped woman" with the super succesful single release "wicked game"...

so...recently i ran over this production dated back to 2005...trentemoller, danish dj/producer - as businessman - did a dub-version of this song. it appeared on the very exclusive danish "balearic biscuits" label that´s been mentioned here before...

have a listen: business man- dubby games

Friday, October 19

happy family

here we have something very special...again

its the linkwood family with "piece of mind"...
released just this summer on a very limited 10" on "firecracker recordings"...from the uk...
this is groovy disco-funk with a hiphop attitude...dont miss it..

linkwood family - piece of mind

Saturday, October 13

have you been to idaho?

pretty exclusive..this is
south london based producer kaine presents his debut here on the new "spacetalk" label...released just a couple of weeks ago...

so this is the b-side "welcoming idaho", a slow, guitar led track...actually perfect to fall asleep to...hmm

have a listen: kaine - welcoming idaho

Friday, October 5

here is something special from abroad...

the famous super-hip trendy etc...ny based label "dfa" started a sublabel this year called... "dfa": death from on this label you´ll find non-us artist only.
first release from abroad, in the shops since mid-september: uk production duo "mock & toof", well known for their remixes for hot chip, the juan maclean etc...

moch & toof - k-choppers

Friday, September 28

above sea level...?

ok people...this is probably the funkiest jazz-rock piece i´ve heard in a long time...
the bands called "sea level", and the song "fifty four" is taken from their ´78 album "on the edge"...drummer on this record is joe english, former drummer of the wings(with paul and linda mccartney)...

its so great...this is jazz, disco, funk and rock and the same time!!!!
sea level - fifty four

Tuesday, September 25


this is a re-issue of the 1979 relase"rise" by herb alpert...

herbt alpert, an exceptionally gifted trumpet player and co-founder of the huge a&m records provides us here with a classic...

and for those of you who arent big trumpet-fans or whatever...wait until the middle of that song to experience a super-groovy hookline thats been sampled by the notorious b.i.g.´s where the good stuff comes from!!!
worth a listen: herb alpert - rise

Sunday, September 23

nat king cole - all puffed up

Wa-oo-oo, wa-oo-oo, Wa-oo wa-oo wa-oo wa-ay... Wa-oo-oo, wa-oo-oo, Wa-oo wa-oo wa-oo wa-ay... net king cole's music defined not only his generation, but even made it possible for colored artists to start publishing music in the US '50ies.
here is a great remake of the all famous calypso blues - to be found on the latest -saint germain des pres cafe.

Thursday, September 20

music for dreams...

here is my mix for september...
a blend of electronic disco, some techno, house, rock and dub...ranging from ´78 till today...

i chose some of my favourite artists/producers/labels of the moment for this set such as "music for dreams", soft rocks, the "mungolian jet set", "a mountain of one" and the "studio"...

enjoy: giulio in september

Saturday, September 15

holidays over...kind of...

...what i bring back from my one last bit of a summer feeling...
jorge ben...from rio de janeiro...involved in the tropicalia and bossa nova movement since the 60s..., is an artists that manages to fuse brasilian rhythms and melodies with western styles like funk/soul...etc...
here we have "todo dia era dia d´indio", from his 1981 album "vinda amizade"...

enjoy: jorge ben - todo dia era dia d´indio

Sunday, September 2

lets get dirty...

...after danergous daffit´s post of frankie valli - beggin in the pilooski edit...i´ll go for another great pilooski edit...
"jackson jones - put your pants on" had a very limited release this year on the french "dark & lovely" re-edit label.
this guy pilooski is really doing a great job!!
have a listen: jackson jones - put your pants on (pilooski edit)

Tuesday, August 28

real talent from the middle east..

so, this cd was slippped to me by a friend yesterday. some three israeli indie / reggae girls -mc karolina, dana adini and yael deckelbaum make up -habanot nechama (hebrew: consolation).
minimalist arrangements of no more then acoustic guitars and warm lucious drums bring this album to life and make up a record of layed back summery thats hard to resist.
this song called - ever. a completely random choice as choosing which one to post was quiet difficult.

there you go: habanot nechama - ever

Saturday, August 25

one off's-quantic remixes and b-sides

will 'quantic' holland has been building up a reputation as a prolific musician, writer, remixer and producer since his first release on -tru thoughts in January 2001. in that time he has released six albums for the label under -quantic, -the limp twins and -the quantic soul orchestra monikers. through this period he has been hugely in demand as a remixer from artists and labels (both major and upcoming) and has amassed a huge discography of 'one offs, Remixes and B sides' which is what this EP is about, featuring 5 tracks from a forthcoming double album and 2 exclusive vinyl tracks.

Thursday, August 23

new feature: search for content content

there you go, pretty basic yet very practical. use it

and another one...

another mix of myself...i actually did today...
musically...somewhere between funk/rock/disco/jazz...

giulio in august

duration: 1h 5min, about 90mb...if u want a tracklist..send a message...


take me to the banzai republic...

...i dont know where it is...but it sounds great!!!

banzai repubic is the project of torsten bo jacobsen, a danish producer, jon anderson and adam seitzmayer.
as banzai republic they had several releases on the super chillout "music for dreams" label, mentioned here...
the song i have for you, appeared on the the exclusive "balearic biscuits" is called "remember me"...and the thing about it is, that it´s a re-edit of an annie lennox interpretation of "fields of gold", by sting...
hmm...worth checking out??....i think so:
banzai republic - remember me

Sunday, August 19

finally woken..

welsh songstress -jem's debut release is a combination of bright melodies, soul-searching lyrics and diverse rhythms that grab you from the first listen. her seemingly innocent lyrics contain those closely observed details that are as much about optimism as they are about discovery. jem's simplistically alluring vocals stringing along subtle electronic percussion, ear-catching samples, and melodic loops built from traditional instruments. Following song called -save me and its one of my favourites from this great album from '04.

check it out: jem - save me

Thursday, August 16

come a little closer...

...and get to know gino soccio, a french canadian artist/producer, known for his disco/eurodisco productions in the late 70s/early 80s...
this song is "closer", titletrack to soccio´s album from ´81 on atlantic records.
"closer" is pretty different to his other work...rather slow, relaxed and calmed...actually not disco at all...
at least in th common sense of it...
check it out: gino soccio - closer

Wednesday, August 15

seeing things..rock? hardly.

well after giuliodj posted this crazy remix i had no chance but to put some raw zero7 material up..its so smooth... . -henry binns and sam hardaker definetely one of my favorite crews of the past years.
after they gained recognition with their first album -simple things which featured vocals from the incredible -sia furler; you might remember songs like -in the waiting line and -destiny which have helped numerous commercial, tv shows ect to to get attention.
in any way, i have picked a song from their latest release -the garden from '06 and extremely mellow album. its worth listening to all of their records!

lets get you started: zero 7 - seeing things

Monday, August 13

less talk...more rock!!

...with joe walsh...who was the guitar player of "the eagles" before starting a solo carreer...
the song i post here is taken from his third soloalbum "so what", from 1975

here is joe walsh - country fair

Saturday, August 4

some get-together

check this thievery corporation mix of nouvelle vagues' -this is not a love song. there is really not much for me to add, as songs from both artists where already posted on this blog. what can you do - if an artist you like mixes a song that you love then the result is much greater than the sum of all single parts.. listen it.. it might make your day.

mr hill - the darkest hour

so, i am back. after having a hard disk breakdown i have managed to recover some of my music and also found some new material to post. As a start i wanted to post this song by -mr. hill aka todd gumke a dj/producer out of seattle. his latest release from past february brings some crazy instrumental tracks but each one with its own little edge.
definitely worth listening in. - check it out.

download link mr hill - the letter

Monday, July 30

more music is a song by the eagles...the inredibly succesful rock band of the 70s...with millions and millions of record sales...
...and everybody knows their superhit "hotel california"... is a song from their last studio album "the long run" from album that was number one in the us-charts for weeks...

so here is the eagles - those shoes...

Wednesday, July 25

with love from me to you... is a mix i did yesterday...
one hour of balearic sounds...slo-mo disco...electro and some rock

i hope you enjoy it...
giuliodj - july07mix

ps: you can send me a message if you want a tracklist...

Sunday, July 22

soundtrack to the summer

...this one´s for those of you enjoying the beach and the sea right now... a perfect relaxed summer/beach tune by dj disse from the "music for dreams america" label. released in april this year...

we get a dubbed out downtempo version of the lou reed classic "take a walk on the wild side"...
just perfect for a sunset at the beach... check it out and enjoy:
dj disse - walk on the wild side

Saturday, July 21

here we go...

...with a new great track...
i was gone for a week...but back with lots of great songs, remixes, etc...

here is sandy nelson, famous session- and studio drummer in the 50s and 60s...with a fine moment here...
sandy nelson - quite a beat
just about 2 minutes long....enjoy

Thursday, July 19

band of bees

this is some music i got of giuliodj's computer almost a a year ago. I can tell you - as you have probably found out for yourself already, this guy has a crazy taste in music - but respect that.
however, they are generally classified as an indie rock group,- the band of bees' style of music is influenced by a colourful range of 60's rock,country, raggea and jazz. the Bees have so far released three albums:2002's mercury puzzle, -sunshine hit me(which was acclaimed by critics for being recorded in frontman Paul Butler's own garden shed), its '04 major label follow-up -free the bees, and the band's most recent work,-octupus from '07.

Saturday, July 14

coming home.

well, coming from nouvelle vagues' coming home compilation released very recently, i've decided to post this song by -piero umiliani called -bambole. like many of his italian colleagues at the time, piero umiliani composed the scores for many exploitation films in the '60ies and '70ies. although not as widely regarded as, for example, -ennio morricone or -riz ortolani, he helped form the style of the typical European '60s/'70s jazz soundtrack that has recently been experiencing a revival through films like -kill bill and -oceans's twlevev (..shit movie by the way).

check out your link piero umiliani - bambole

Tuesday, July 10

whatever we want III

there is one more track i of whateverwewant records that i want to post here...again of "quiet village"...
its "cant be beat" from weww02 from 2005. its another slowmotionpychodelicjazzrocksoundtrack kinda track...with pitched-down vocals...another one of my favourites

quiet village - cant be beat
check it out

Sunday, July 8

more of whatever we want

here is another great production/remix duo releasing on "whateverwewant" records: QUIET VILLAGE, consisting of matt edwards aka radioslave aka rekid and joel martin aka dj zeus.
quiet villages´characteristic style of slowmotionbalearicdarkdiscorocksoundtrack that involves a lot of very smart sampling has made their records very much sought after. records have been sold on ebay for $100 and more!!

so be happy with an mp3...or two.
first track is "too high to move" from whateverwewant006

Saturday, July 7

the embassy

actuallty i just stumbled upon this band on a new music blog called -debaser. from the little i could find out about them, the embassy - a relatively new swedish band consisting of tristan cooke, mertyn nooy, relased this album called -tracking in '05.
check them out, -time's tight is a subttle song with very catchy guitar elements - classy indie rock with swedish accents.
hit the link and listen

Wednesday, July 4

speaking of "rub n tug"...

this is one of their recent remixes for "zero 7" from 2006. here eric and thomas present a rather conservative, or maybe more "mass market" compatible remix. (major label...)

anyway...its some damn good work!!
enjoy: zero 7 - futures (rub n tug remix)

Saturday, June 30

love me or leave me.

eunice kathleen waymon, better known as nina simone recorded over 40 live and studio albums, the biggest body of her work being released between 1958 and 1974.
her songs have been covered, remixed and re-recorded so many times that i cant even start to list it here.
love me or leave me is a popular u.s song from the '20ies, written by walter donaldson and the lyrics by gus kahn, nina simone recorded her cover of this song on her debut album from '58 called - little girl blue(1958)
simone passed away in '03 but i am convinced that her songs are continuing to be remixed and covered by artist all around the globe

Tuesday, June 26

whatever we want!!!

continuing with a rocky edge...

here is "black skinned blue eyed boy", written by eddy grant in the late 60s gets a re-interpretation by "map of africa" which is the bandproject of dj harvey and thomas bullock. harvey, worshiped dj with one of the greatest record-collections, and thomas, a former member of a.r.e. weapons, and now part of the ny remix- and production-duo "rub n tug"!

map of africa just released their selftitled debutalbum on the highly acclaimed ny record label "whateverwewant"!!

enjoy: map of africa - black skinned blue eyed boy

Saturday, June 23

a great set by dj vadim

just lean back and check out that set by dj vadim - live in brrokly.
aka Vadim Peare - dj vadim is a prolific dj and producer born in russia and based in london. his music combines hip-hop and electronica, his recording technique primarily involves very precise sampling and looping.

he signed to ninja tune in 1992, and founded his own independent record label called -jazz fudge in'95.

sit back and enjoy 2 hours of finest music experience with styles from the '70ies till now:

here is your link: dj vadim - live in brooklyn (2007)

Wednesday, June 20

I said no....I said no.... OK then, but only this once..

Man, I told myself I wouldnt do it. I did.. but I cant help it, the new White Stripes album is too fucking good not to mention here.

They are back, and on form once again. What can I tell you? Well Its the usual formula and a return to the earlier album styles.. one man and a guitar and one strangely attractive female drummer.. paint em red and black... there you go.

Anyway guys, you probably already heard "icky thump" with its irresistable guitar riff so here comes the next one "Rag and Bone"... Ladies and gents.. the White Stripes. Man the guy just churns this stuff out...

Your link for today: Rag and Bone

Monday, June 18

Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright

This is a track from a collaboration between Yann Tiersen (Amelie Poulain, Goodbye Lenin OST...) and the American songwriter Shannon Wright. Together, they create a lovely melancholy vibe, with rich instrumental arrangements. I've tried to pick one of the less depressing songs, so you won't all run off to jump in front of a bus.
Music for rainy days: Pale White

Sunday, June 17

kiss me again is something special:

"kiss me again" is a song from 1978, by a band named "dinosaur", a project of ny-dj legend nicky siano on one hand and arthur russell on the other hand.

arthur russell, ingenious multitalent musician, composer, producer and visionary wrote this piece, both russell and siano worked on production.

"kiss me again" was the first disco record, released by the famous ny record label "sire "...and it became an underground hit..

here is "kiss me again" in an edit by jd twitch, one half of the scottish remixer/production duo optimo.


Saturday, June 16

some call them the starts of cctv

hard-fi's debut album - stars of cctv was initially recorded as a nine track mini-album in a disused mini cab office; it was then mixed in a variety of unusual acoustic environments - in bedrooms, in pubs, and in their producer, wolsey white's BMW-1000 copies of this record were pressed with only 500 going on public sale. It quickly sold, receiving critical acclaim and radio play.

the band were then licensed to the -atlantic records label, where they were given the chance to re-record the album. The band went back to the cab office to maintain their unique sound.

here is - hard to beat, probably their most famous song, i wonder why..

link: hard-fi - hard to beat

Wednesday, June 13

this one is for boxworth

well, i couldnt stop myself from posting another zutons songs, probably due to the reason that dannyboy wont stop singing it and it kind of got stuck in head.
anyhow, after rediscovering the songs on the previously posted mark ronson mix album -where he released an amy winehouse remake of that particular song.

nontheless, the original is very hard to beat

here is it: the zutons - valerie
by the way: welcome back dave..

The Glorious Return of Dangerous Dave

In the words of Jesus H. Christo: "I'm Back. Help get these nails out of my hands". And in style too. I've got some mega-tunes coming up after leaving you musically starved for the past few weeks, its time to add some colour back to the blog.

And so to welcome me back lets start with a cracking tune from a band from Sheffield, UK that are currently making big waves with their latest single : "Heavyweight Champion of The World". The brainchild of Jon Mclure "Reverend and the Makers" are being as a labelled indie, funk, electro band and damned if they dont make a decent tune.

How can I describe it, ah.. its the first song you want to hear in the morning...sort of musical adrenaline to get the blood flowing again.

With a thumping intro beat I know its going to be a hit, so check it out before you have to hear it on a radio somewhere.

Your first link of many: Reverend and The Makers: Heavyweight Champion of the World