Monday, April 30

a new week...a new song...

look at these pretty boys...
jacky, jermaine, marlon, michael and tito...aka the jackson 5
it´s "dancing machine" their album from 1974
everybody knows no further introduction is needed here...

but this song is different from everything i know by the jackson 5
1974, thats when funk was rockin!!!
this is the jackson 5 - i am love

De Nova, Universal Blues- The Redwalls

You know when you play that game where you are organising a fantasy gig, and you can invite any bands from the history of all time to play and record one new album- who do you choose? Hendrix? The Who? The Doors? The Beatles?

You have to miss The Beatles sometimes, they created some unique sounds that everybody can appreciate even today. But everything The Beatles did individually (I.e. Wings, John & Yoko, George Harrison and even solo Ringo) after they split up was crap, for want of a better word. There just wasn't that vibe.

Here's one band that seemed to pick up exactly where The Beatles left off. They sound so bloody similar its almost like The Beatles have got back together to record some honest and very decent Rock and Roll tracks. They hail all the way from Chicago, Illinois and go by the name "The Redwalls".

One track that I've singled out is called "It's Alright", a bit of naive rock and roll never killed any one right? It was released on their debut album in 2003 called Universal Blues, and again on their 2005 album De Nova. Their latest "Wall to Wall Sessions" is just out, and all well worth a listen.

Heres the link: It's Alright

LCD Soundsystem- North American Scum

You might not think that a Starbucks on the corner of every street in Baghdad is a good idea, but theres a lot of good things we can thank America for: Like porn and Baywatch. Quite frankly I find it hard to tell the difference between the two, only I like my porn with a little less Hasslehoff.

Either way, the good and the bad features in a track by LCD Soundsystem on their most recent album "The Sound of Silver". It was one of those albums I bought, only for that one song. I still think that this is the strongest track on the album, and has an unquantifiable quality that makes it stick to the inside of your head. Funny that.

Anyways heres your link: North American Scum

Supergrass is 10- Kiss of Life

Well they were ten a while ago, but still worth a mention today.

I am not a fan of the instant gratification that can be found in the quick fire world of greatest hits compilations. Strictly speaking, albums are there to work through like a messy relationship-the good parts and the bad parts. But there is a reason to buy this album of greatest hits from a band that keeps getting better with age- it has a limited release track called "Kiss Of Life" that is outstanding mix of electric fusion. Every track on this album is a gem, and a valid snapshot of their career so far, but this track is a rarity.

Your link: Kiss of Life

History of Music Lesson Numero Uno

As part of our ongoing mission to revitalise your playlist and save your musical souls, we have to take regular trips back into the past....and not without 1.21 gigawatts of pure listening pleasure.

Now the trip has already begun with a foray into the world of Fleetwood Mac courtesy of my reverend colleague
Giuliodj and even a look back at Dusty Springfield with the artist formerly known as Ike... but today we are going to rediscover our Northern Soul like its 1989.

Its hard not to notice how much great music came out of Manchester in the 80's and 90's. Groundbreaking inventive bands like Joy Division, New Order and The Smiths paved the way for one band that was to forever change the face of Rock and Roll: The Stone Roses.

Like 'em or hate 'em, there would have been no Oasis, no Charlatan and certainly no Kasabian without this band. Rock and roll meets funk crashed with a wild drum loop and wah wah pedals galore, saw the release of a track that you lack: "Fools Gold". Referencing Nancy Sinatra and the Marquis De Sade, this is a history lesson in itself that has a bassline to put you to shame.

Get educated and start your day on this link: Fools Gold

Sunday, April 29

Dude looks like a.....Rabbi?

Now I'm not one to endorse second rate spoken word/break beat records from artists like The Streets, but this my friends is anything but.

Introducing Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pimp, the holy saviors of a genre that was left for dead. What makes them different? Well for a start its the wit and humour in the lyrics. Biting but reassuring... and did I mention it? Dan Le Sac looks like a Rabbi back fresh from a daytrip in Amsterdam.

One track in particular that stands out is "Thou Shalt Always Kill" if anything just for its superb video. The lyrics just about sum our generation and society up in a way that Dylan did for his generation, and the other artists that are so gloriously namechecked on this track.

If you do anything today listen to this track, watch the video and then listen again...its the mutts nuts and not just because its English.

Remember folks, your music collection and possibly even your life, will never be complete without Sensory Input.

Heres the links: Video Thou Shalt Always Kill Track Thou Shalt Always Kill

fleetwood mac (three)

this is the last song of this fleetwood mac series...
again, a song from the ´73 album "mystery to me"

its hypnotized...
another one of my absolute favourites...

check it

Saturday, April 28

dusty springfield

once more - a classic.
i recently rediscovered this song on the nightmares on wax disc of the late night tales collection.
I guess i dont have to introduce anyone to this track or to dusty springfield so just hit the link and enjoy. cheers.

link: dusty springfield - spooky enjoy

Thursday, April 26

they call him godsdog.

de phazz - this is the name of the german downtempo ensemble around pit baumgartner who changes his crew for every album.
latin soul, trip hop, drum and bass, jazz, lounge music...however you call it it sounds pretty good to me.
godsdog appeared in '99 - here is the covertrack

link: godsdog - de phazz

fleetwood mac (two)

just look at this album-cover! i love it
it´s fleetwood mac´s 1973 album "mystery to me"
peter green already left the band at this time...
but that didn´t matter to the quality of the music...

here is fleetwood mac - keep on going
and there is still more to come...

Tuesday, April 24

fleetwood mac (one)

...its peter green (aka peter greenbaum) with "watcha gonna do" from ´81

peter green, a blues and rock/pop guitar player started his career in the 60s. he was a founding member of the "fleetwood mac" in 1967, which he left in ´71.
peter green - got to see her tonight
this is the first song of some more fleetwood mac related songs i want to post here throughout the next few watch out!!!

Sunday, April 22

..history repeating

alex gifford & will white known as the propellerheads release their big beat music since '96.
this album - decksanddrumsandrockandroll - appeared on the -wall of sound label. featured on this track is again the fabulous voice of shirley bassey.

check it for yourself: history repeating - the propellerheads featuring miss shirley bassey

two new features on SENSORYINPUT

we are glad to announce two new features on this blog
first: you finally have the ability to leave your comments and suggestions on the shoutbox to your left. - very simple.
second: zshare enables you to stream the posted songs, so by hitting the download link you can listen in before downloading. enjoy

sunday chill out

i feel like this is a perfect song for a relaxed sunday...
after you´ve been partying all weekend...

andreas vollenweider, a swiss harpist!!!...recorded this album in 1981. if you havent heard of definetly need to check out this song... another vollenweider song appeared in my mix put your feet up anyway...this is andreas vollenweider with
behind the gardens, behind the wall, under the tree

Wednesday, April 18

the swamp... the name of this song by the great maynard fergusion...
ferguson, who actually died last year
was a canadian jazz trumpet player...
so look for the trumpet solos...
"primal scream", his album from 1976...
is 70s jazz funk...just great...
but the song we´ve got here is something else...
maybe jazz-dub...or reggae-funk...

anyway...i discoverd this song on another audioblog
i want go give credit to....its
an excellent blog....please check it out...
maynard ferguson - swamp

so here it is..mark ronson

so, after getting the actual album i really cant even loose one bad word about this disc.
real cool tracks, remixed in a classy way that makes listening to them a joyride. read up on it on daves post - just scroll down

here is you link for: mark ronson - just feat. phantom planet

Monday, April 16

saturday night experience (two)

this is the weirdo police, an act signed to greg wilsons
redux label, released last year.
it was great to hear this in the club on saturday night...

up till now this seems to be their only release, but on
their myspace site the weirdos talk about a weirdo record label...
so maybe we can expect more...
check it: weirdo police - full moon & thunder(floor mix)

saturday night experience (one)

we were lucky to have the legendary dj and editfreak
greg wilson in vienna last saturday...

this is a gw edit of the westend classic
"do it to the music" by raw silk


raw dmx - do it to the funk

Trumpet Action?... Must be Mark Ronson

Out today Mark Ronson's new album "Version" featuring some of the best remixes I've heard in ages. Ronson is a New York based DJ from the UK. Thats why his music is so f'ing good. Well anyway Ronson has got together with some big names to collaborate on something you just have to hear to believe. Think some of your favourite tracks, only you never knew they were your favourite tracks until someone came along and added a dash of base drum, a little more snare and shed loads of trumpets. Its hard to decide exactly which tracks to single out as outstanding, because they are all so good.. but if you can only afford to download one track today make it Ronson's remix of Radiohead's "Just". Somehow Radiohead's usually downbeat lyrics sound so sunshiny when mixed with a little Jazz solo. Check it out or www. The summer has finally arrived ladies and gentleman.

Saturday, April 14

digital analog band .. sounds about right

the spanish luis sancho & pedro andreu known as -digital analog band- released this track in '03 on their debut album -the best.
i dont know much about them, but i was drawn to their music already by listening to the first track of this record. -easy listening funk.

here is your link: dab - words inside a cafe

Wednesday, April 11

this one is really great...

"city country city" by war...a funk/soul/disco band released this song in 1972
unfortunately i dont know much about this song... it was a favourite of david mancuso at the loft... the different parts of the song symbolise the country...(that would be the slow and mellow part) and the city(faster, to dance) have a listen: war - citycountrycity

Tuesday, April 10

some more french music..

after the success of -boulevard- published by F.COM in 1995, ludovic navarre, better known under the pseudonym ’st germain’, achieved worldwide recognition with this new album published by blue note records. - tourist - is a subtle mix of house, jazz ad blues. off the cuff and very lively – hear it for yourself.

here is the link: st germain - sure thing

Sunday, April 8

Love, Devotion, Surrender... the tilte of this great album by carlos santana and john mclaughlin from 1973. john mclaughlin, whos "mahavishnu orchestra" just split up a legendary jazz-rock-fusion guitar player. here you will hear my favourite song of that album: "a love supreme" actually written by john coltrane... another piece of slow and druggy jazz rock i cant get enough of.. enjoy: santana/mclaughlin - a love supreme

Saturday, April 7

i am your pusherman..

what a classic! there is actually not much i can add to this. everybody knows this songs and almost everybody loves it.
pusherman appeared on curtis mayfields album from '72 named superfly.

check the link - and let the song put a smile on your face.
link: curtis mayfield - pusherman

Thursday, April 5

slo-mo rock

thats how i would call the music of robin trower...spacey, trippy and psychedelic...fantastic
trower, a fomer member of the legendary band "procol harum" started his solo carrere in 73 i think. this song..."somebody calling" is taken from the album "in city dreams" from 1977
enjoy: robin trower - somebody calling

Wednesday, April 4

the magic numbers..

i found that song on the -war child - Help: a day in the life - compilation

The magic number bring some down to earth tunes that are very mellow - listen to the track and you know what i mean.

you should also take a couple of minutes to check out their site - its programmed and designed very nicely ( here is your link:

The_Magic_Numbers - Gone Are The Days

Monday, April 2

check out the crusaders...

...a jazzrock band...
formed in the late 60s famous in the 70s...

i just love the mix of jazzy instrumentation
and some great rockguitar solos....

funky stuff!!!...this track "spiral"
is taken from the album
"those southern knights"from ´76

check it: the crusaders - spiral

Sunday, April 1

from the invisible invasion

the Coral are prominent memebers of the liverpool music label -deltasonic, and their distinctive musical style has strongly influenced many other of the liverpool-based label's acts, including The Zutons and The Dead 60s.
they have so far released three full-length albums - their self titled debut -the coral (2002), its 2003 follow up -magic and medicine - and their most recent work, 2005's the invisible invasion, all three of them deliver easy indie and rock.
Check out the tune from their lates album