Wednesday, November 28

yo brother...

ok...jorge ben shouldn´t be a stranger anymore...he has been mentioned here before...´s a song for my good friend kenny...i know he loves this song!! and this the original version from jorge ben´s selftitled album from 1969!!!
...HERE it is...enjoy.

ps: if you´re a football-experct you might already have noticed the "flamengo rio de janeiro" emblem on jorge´s guitar!

Monday, November 26

...back to 2006...

...when this great album by the japanese band cro-magnon was released. their selftitled album debut on "jazzy sports records" took us on a journey of live instrumental funk/disco and house jams with so much energy!!

here is a more laid back song: cro-magnon - silent supreme

check out more music of cro-magnons, also from their new album great triangle on myspace

Friday, November 23

speaking of punks...

...i dug out this reissue double lp out of my little collection...

konk, a ny band from the early 80s...weren´t a punk band...much more they were the link between the post punk/ punk funk scene and the disco scene of ny these days...

and thats what they sound like...check it:
konk - machina jam from"the sound of konk" 2004 reissue on souljazz records!

Wednesday, November 21

a rocking horse

"rocking horse" is a us - band that released a selftitled album in 1975 on rca rcords...thats pretty much all i know about them.

i first heard the rocking horse on a mix by rub n tug...later i got the picture disc...

but...i had to get the original release...and this summer i finally got it...sorry, i cant put the cover of the record up here...i cant find it online...and i dont have a digi-cam!!!

so...from their self titled album, here´s rocking horse with change it for the better...enjoy

Monday, November 19

lets get mellow

formed in 2003, the dynamics from france have opened new doors...they filled the gap between funk/soul and jamaican reggae and dub!! their seven nation army re-interpretation has been posted here before... today i have another "coverversion", taken from the dynamics´ "version excursions", just released on groove attack prouctions its the classic "brothers on the slide", originally by cymande...enjoy!! get it here: grooveattack

Friday, November 16

the fleetwood mac...

...again...i always come back to post songs by this great band and their members´ solo work...

here´s one song, that first appeared as a single, later released on the 1969 album "the pious bird of good golem", written by peter green:

black magic woman

yes, the song that became a hit, interpreted by carlos santana in 1970. i cant decide on which one i prefer...although santana is definetly the better guitar-player...have a listen...

Saturday, November 10

this is voodoo

uk housemusic history

gerald simpson aka a guy called gerald with
voodoo ray