Saturday, June 30

love me or leave me.

eunice kathleen waymon, better known as nina simone recorded over 40 live and studio albums, the biggest body of her work being released between 1958 and 1974.
her songs have been covered, remixed and re-recorded so many times that i cant even start to list it here.
love me or leave me is a popular u.s song from the '20ies, written by walter donaldson and the lyrics by gus kahn, nina simone recorded her cover of this song on her debut album from '58 called - little girl blue(1958)
simone passed away in '03 but i am convinced that her songs are continuing to be remixed and covered by artist all around the globe

Tuesday, June 26

whatever we want!!!

continuing with a rocky edge...

here is "black skinned blue eyed boy", written by eddy grant in the late 60s gets a re-interpretation by "map of africa" which is the bandproject of dj harvey and thomas bullock. harvey, worshiped dj with one of the greatest record-collections, and thomas, a former member of a.r.e. weapons, and now part of the ny remix- and production-duo "rub n tug"!

map of africa just released their selftitled debutalbum on the highly acclaimed ny record label "whateverwewant"!!

enjoy: map of africa - black skinned blue eyed boy

Saturday, June 23

a great set by dj vadim

just lean back and check out that set by dj vadim - live in brrokly.
aka Vadim Peare - dj vadim is a prolific dj and producer born in russia and based in london. his music combines hip-hop and electronica, his recording technique primarily involves very precise sampling and looping.

he signed to ninja tune in 1992, and founded his own independent record label called -jazz fudge in'95.

sit back and enjoy 2 hours of finest music experience with styles from the '70ies till now:

here is your link: dj vadim - live in brooklyn (2007)

Wednesday, June 20

I said no....I said no.... OK then, but only this once..

Man, I told myself I wouldnt do it. I did.. but I cant help it, the new White Stripes album is too fucking good not to mention here.

They are back, and on form once again. What can I tell you? Well Its the usual formula and a return to the earlier album styles.. one man and a guitar and one strangely attractive female drummer.. paint em red and black... there you go.

Anyway guys, you probably already heard "icky thump" with its irresistable guitar riff so here comes the next one "Rag and Bone"... Ladies and gents.. the White Stripes. Man the guy just churns this stuff out...

Your link for today: Rag and Bone

Monday, June 18

Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright

This is a track from a collaboration between Yann Tiersen (Amelie Poulain, Goodbye Lenin OST...) and the American songwriter Shannon Wright. Together, they create a lovely melancholy vibe, with rich instrumental arrangements. I've tried to pick one of the less depressing songs, so you won't all run off to jump in front of a bus.
Music for rainy days: Pale White

Sunday, June 17

kiss me again is something special:

"kiss me again" is a song from 1978, by a band named "dinosaur", a project of ny-dj legend nicky siano on one hand and arthur russell on the other hand.

arthur russell, ingenious multitalent musician, composer, producer and visionary wrote this piece, both russell and siano worked on production.

"kiss me again" was the first disco record, released by the famous ny record label "sire "...and it became an underground hit..

here is "kiss me again" in an edit by jd twitch, one half of the scottish remixer/production duo optimo.


Saturday, June 16

some call them the starts of cctv

hard-fi's debut album - stars of cctv was initially recorded as a nine track mini-album in a disused mini cab office; it was then mixed in a variety of unusual acoustic environments - in bedrooms, in pubs, and in their producer, wolsey white's BMW-1000 copies of this record were pressed with only 500 going on public sale. It quickly sold, receiving critical acclaim and radio play.

the band were then licensed to the -atlantic records label, where they were given the chance to re-record the album. The band went back to the cab office to maintain their unique sound.

here is - hard to beat, probably their most famous song, i wonder why..

link: hard-fi - hard to beat

Wednesday, June 13

this one is for boxworth

well, i couldnt stop myself from posting another zutons songs, probably due to the reason that dannyboy wont stop singing it and it kind of got stuck in head.
anyhow, after rediscovering the songs on the previously posted mark ronson mix album -where he released an amy winehouse remake of that particular song.

nontheless, the original is very hard to beat

here is it: the zutons - valerie
by the way: welcome back dave..

The Glorious Return of Dangerous Dave

In the words of Jesus H. Christo: "I'm Back. Help get these nails out of my hands". And in style too. I've got some mega-tunes coming up after leaving you musically starved for the past few weeks, its time to add some colour back to the blog.

And so to welcome me back lets start with a cracking tune from a band from Sheffield, UK that are currently making big waves with their latest single : "Heavyweight Champion of The World". The brainchild of Jon Mclure "Reverend and the Makers" are being as a labelled indie, funk, electro band and damned if they dont make a decent tune.

How can I describe it, ah.. its the first song you want to hear in the morning...sort of musical adrenaline to get the blood flowing again.

With a thumping intro beat I know its going to be a hit, so check it out before you have to hear it on a radio somewhere.

Your first link of many: Reverend and The Makers: Heavyweight Champion of the World

Monday, June 11


and now...lets return to the great fleetwood mac here is a song from their most succesful least i think so: "rumours", from 1977.
"dreams" is a pretty typical mac song for their late 70s work... you have the beautiful voice of stevie nicks...and those guitars...almost make it a surfer-song

check it:
fleetwood mac - dreams

what a mountain... after a week of absence...i´m gonna serve some very fine pieces here:
first...its badly drawn boy´s new single "promises" the "a mountain of one" remix...amoo is a quite new british band...they had 2 releases so far...ep1 and me their sound brings together slo-mo rock, balearic and instrumental landscapes...just wonderful

here it is:
badly drawn boy - promises (amoo remix)

Saturday, June 9

stricktly for coming down of one...

-hint k.a jonathan james, hailing from sussex, uk

His first singles and debut album -portakabin fever was released by bristol-based independent record label - hombre recordings in association with ninja tune.

The music is at the more chilled-out, downtempo end of the ninja tune roster. several tracks feature looped acoustic guitar and keyboard sounds and his style has been termed "ruralbeat".

this album is great for leaning back and coming down. this track, -the lock up- will make you understand what i mean by that.

download link hint - the lock up

Tuesday, June 5


You may know Thomas Fehlmann from his work with The Orb. Here is a track from his latest solo-project, Honigpumpe, released on KOMPAKT only last week. This is a lovely, slow-building ambient track that should take the edge off after a hard day's work. If that's not reason enough to give it a go, the whole album is honeybee themed, and I'm sure we all agree that bees are cool! .

Lap it up: Thomas Fehlmann - Bienenkoenigin

Monday, June 4

far beyond...

two producers/remixers teamed up to form the duo "beyond the wizzards sleeve". on their myspace site...they dont reveal their identity...but i am sure one of them is familiar to you... anyway...beyond the wiz... have done several great remixes. one of them is a remix of findlay brown, a folk/rock artist who released the album "separated by the sea" this year on the peacefrog label.

check out: Findlay Brown - Losing The Will To Survive (Beyond The Wizzards Sleeve remix) this is definitely one of my favourites at the moment...

Saturday, June 2

we are the night...

well, the chemical brothers you all know i guess- so i here is a little sneak peak into their new album -we are the night, which was just released last month. after announcing a new musical direction they came up with some unique tunes that offer music from different backgrounds. all together i cant really say if i like the cd, however the new album is heavily collaborated with the likes of -klaxons ,midlake ,ali love and wily mason on "battle scars" -which is a very cool track and posted here.