Tuesday, May 29

some more yonderboi for you

laszlo fogarasi jr. aka yonderboi born 1980 in hungary composes music since the age of sixteen. his debut album- shallow and profound released in '00 brought him international recognition. in 2005 his second LP Splendid Isolation followed the line.
his name is based on -yonderboy, a character in Neuromancer(wiki) - a 1984 novel by william gibson notable for being the most famous early cyberpunk novel around.
here is Riders On The Storm/Pink Solidism - based on -the doors track.

Monday, May 28

the trumpetman

come with me to nineteenseventythree...
and hear the trumpet legend!!

its donaldson toussaint l'ouverture byrd II aka donald byrd...
he worked with artists such as herbie hancock, john coltrane et al...

this ones called "lansana's priestess" from his "street lady" lp, released on the unmistakable "blue note" jazz record label.
take it in and easy...check it right here:

donald byrd - lansana's priestess

Thursday, May 24

here´s a classic...

its martin circus´ "disco circus" from 1979... on the legendary nyc disco label "prelude". and as you can see on the pic... this is the francois k edit!
just brilliant...this song got sampled countless times...
enjoy: martin citcus - disco circus

Wednesday, May 23

anounced: hot chip - dj kicks

after giulios announcement of -hot chips dj kicks album i went out to see what it has to offer: i must say that i was and still am posititvely surprised about the diversity of this album very nicely mixed and mastered.
just released on !K7 this compilation features songs for every possible mood. this particular song - is actually going to be hot chips' next release called -my piano and is pretty cool as i think.
make up your own mind, here you go

here is your link: hot chip - my piano / dj kicks (2007)

Monday, May 21

and again lily allen..

i recently found this trick on llily allens b-sides album. the picture to your left my be slightly confusing but it is actually- lily allen covering the famous kooks songs naive from '06.
the actual recording was made at jo ehiley's live lounge a couple of weeks ago for a BBC Radio 1 session.
enough said, here is your link
lily allen - naive (the kooks cover)

Saturday, May 19

the remix

ok guys...

as promised...here is the remix of
barrabas´ "woman" by giulio dj...
please tell me what you think of it...

giulio dj - new loose woman

Friday, May 18

Dangerous Dave- The Final Post

Alas, all good things must come to an end. The Dave hit-parade must dissapear for reasons beyond his control. Maybe he will return one day, like Jesus, Sadaam, Elvis or Falco.

My last wish is that you all continue to use Sensory Input for the good of mankind and music, remembering that only Sensory Input can save your musical soul.

This my friends is the final post, with a UK band that are very different, two drummers, female vocalists and a cracking beat. Check this hit out: The Go! Team, Grip Like a Vice

Thursday, May 17

rocksteady time

how can you not fall in love with phyllis dillon’s incrediably sweet voice? she might be best known as that beautiful & light soprano singing duets with ska & rocksteady authorities like alton ellis & hopeton lewis back in the 60’s & 70’s. but phyllis dillon is indisputably the queen of rokcsteady. She totally dominated the jamaican female scene with an almost yearly outcome of new material, from her breakthrough in 66, until just before she past away in 2004. Make me yours is a poppy kingston track, so here it is for anybody who’s looking for a solid summer groove.

Phyllis Dillon-Make me yours

Wednesday, May 16

Your Call Is Important To Us... Please Hold

Your feedback is absolutely important to us, and we take great care to read every email and scan every comment on the shout box.

As such, we have realised that Miki is feeling a little left out complaining that "isn't there just a little too much music here. can't you post some pics of dogs. or maybe a horse".

Well just for Miki heres a picture of a Dog riding a Horse. For everyone else here's an excellent classic David Bowie Track "Diamond Dogs".

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Nej: Diamond Dogs

the libertines - 2004 - r.i.p

the libertines were a british rock band who gained notoriety in the early 2000s,
The band was centred on the song-writing partnership and -pete doherty and -carl barat.
Although initially their mainstream success was limited, their profile grew culminating in a number 2 single and number 1 album in the uk charts. however, the band's music was often eclipsed by its internal conflicts, many of which stemmed from doherty's considerable drug use, ultimately resulting in the breakup of the band.
the members of the -libertines have gone on to new bands, with varying degrees of commercial and critical success.
here is -last post on the bugle - from their last album of '04 - which somehow seemed suiting.

here is your link : the libertines - last post on the bugle


Check this out, its a remix of a classic oldy but its bloody good.

Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons- Palooski Edit.

Your short and sweet link: Palooski Edit

Tuesday, May 15

i´m back

with barrabas...a cult band from the 70s!!...here with the great song "woman" on rca-victor from 1972 i think... i love that band for its great sound that consists of rock, funk and disco!!
this guy really needs a woman

barrabas - woman
soon to come...a sick, hypnotic remix by giulio dj!!!

Calling all you monkeys- Hot Chip

Who? Well they've coined one of the best lyrical sound bites for a long time "like a monkey with a miniature cymbal", somewhere we've all been before.

Its Hot Chip, a brittish electro band that are a little geeky for my tastes when you see them live, but this track gets its beat and point accross pretty well on CD...but then again were electro bands ever meant to play live? Its debatable.

Anyways, I hear they are due to play this year's Sensory Input Download Festival happening at a private beach location yet to be disclosed somewhere on the Israeli coast later this year. Headlining acts confrimed to be playing so far are DJ Jules, Ike & The Eco Worriers and the newly reformed Butch and The Sidedish. This year's festival is bound to be a sell out event spanning two days of musical wonder, so get your tickets soon!

A Top Track and Yo link: Over and Over

Ps. Who else thinks the intro reminds you of a certain 80's tv show with a talking car?

Sunday, May 13

this is one for the summer..

check this one. i just discovered this song playing in the background of the latest -entourage episode.
- now i foresee a very popular summer for this song its gonna be huge; probably also due to the fact that cee-lo (gnarls barkley), kila kela, dj craze and many more are involved in it. remember where you heard it first!
this is -mayday! - their self-titled debut is filled with electric sounds using diversity as a key to the rise of their new sound creating some of the finest new age hip hop tunes i heard in a while.

great track, here is your link: Mayday - Groundhog Day (Featuring Cee-Lo Green & Dj Craze)

History of Music Lesson 5 - The Clash

Many of you probably lie awake at night pondering the most intellectual of all dillemas- who would win in a fight between Falco and Hasselhoff, for instance (personally my money is on the Austrian, and he's been dead for a good ten years!).

The rest of you may be wondering what the future of punk or even music itself would have been like without the almighty The Clash? I shudder to think..

The Clash made punk accessible and more honest than the attention seeking likes of The Sex Pistols, and more importantly made music not just anarchist noise. The variety of their music was second only to Sensory Input, and man thats a good second place to be at.

Tonight, do your studying and check out this funkiest of Clash Live tracks: Train In Vain. Check out that hook and do your music collection a favour and buy a copy of London's Calling. RIP Joe Strummer.

another white stripes cover...

after alice russell´s cover posted by ike...i have another on by the dub-reggae band "the dynamics". besides the white stripes song...the dynamics also covered the rolling stones and madonna´s hit from 2000 "music" and established themselves as the reggae-coverband of the minute...

the dynamics - seven nation army

Thursday, May 10

i´ve got one for you...

more phoenix...!!!

in 1999 phoenix did this record called "heatwave"...a great house track with a funky hook...
i remember, this got sampled a few years later by a group called db boulevard...a cheap copy, here is the original
phoenix - heatwave

Wednesday, May 9

History of Music Lesson Number 4: Lola, The Kinks

Today, we cover perhaps the most important lesson to be learnt from music history. We all know the scenario: you're in a club, a little worse for wear, had a few too many tequilas, smoked a few too many...Either way, your vision is blurry and your judgement impaired... but she looks ok doesnt she?

Well as Rabbi Ray Davies and The Kinks discovered in their 1970 song "Lola", it turns out that she is actually a he. This subject has of course been explored in more depth by other disciples of this lesson such as Lou Reed in "Take a Walk on The Wild Side", Aerosmith and David Bowie to name but a few.

The Kinks deserve a mention as a band who have thrown their influence into indie music over the years and have added some real classics such as "Waterloo Sunset" to the annals of rock history, and still manage get the Thursday night drunks a-jigging in the indie clubs everytime the old boy plays one of their tunes.

Its a worthy lesson, and one that you should learn sooner rather than later. An excellent track as well.

Your link : Lola

run run run

this is phoenix - the band formed in 1991 in the semi-affluent parisian suburb of -versailles- , in the same culture that produced late-90s bands such as -air and -daft punk; Phoenix started as the backing band for a remix of Air's "kelly watch the stars" single. soon after, phoenix released their 2000 debut album.
alphabetical, their second album, appeared in '04 and had some success in the alternative music charts. you should heck it out
here you go: run run run - phoenix

Monday, May 7

Hey Gravity! - Inside Out

Its time to go back to our punk roots a bit, albeit some very mild punk. A breath of fresh air, this is a 5 piece band made up of music industry veterans fronted by an extremely charismatic female lead singer Justine Berry. Backed up by the guitar and song writing expertise of ex-90's pop wonders Dodgy guitarist Andy Miller, they have combined elements of the garage rock leftovers of M.A.S.S. to reform as Hey Gravity!

For any you who have seen them live, you'll know that its a theatrical experience with more energy than an Iranian nuke factory.

Their latest opus "Risen" has received much critical acclaim in France, where they are more popular than Nicolas Sarkozy, and is doing the rounds climbing into popularity in the rest of the civilised world. Check it out.

Heres your link for something a bit different: Inside Out

Zutons V's The Beastie Boys -Thriftshop XL

I have to share this site with anyone who wants to know about it. www.goodblimey.com - a site thats pretty good, almost as good as Sensory Input but lets be realistic- nothing is as good as Sensory Input. Perhaps except for sex.

Anyways, the best section of the site is the Tunes area which has volume after volume of mashups (seven to be precise). I'm sure you are all familiar with the concept of mashups- check them out there is every type of mashup in his archive, some very good and some that sound like you are playing too many records at once. Not so good.

But here, I have salvaged one that works fine and that may lead you to find some more.

Check out Thriftshop XL's mashup of The Zutons Pressure point and Beastie Boys. I like. I hope you like.

Very Nice: Zutons Vs Beastie Boys

Nicer: goodblimey tunes

Comic Relief- United States of Whatever

For all those in need of a laugh, check out Liam Lynch's (better known as MTV and music video producer) 2002 hit "United States of Whatever".

Your link just for a laugh: U.S.O.W Video, U.S.O.W Track

Sunday, May 6

Calling all you black rebels...

Ah, its the classic rock and roll band's story- make a great album. Make another great album. Get famous and start writing songs attacking the establishment in its various forms. Lose a band member due to "internal conflict", which turns out to be drink and drug addiction. Re-group, reform release a more accoustic album and then... produce a fantastic no holds barred Rock and roll album blah blah blah..

Sound familiar? Meet the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, a band who started out in San Fransisco. Having been there and come back they have just released their latest album "Baby 81" which is a return to the rock fold and a true return to form.

Two tracks are outstanding. The outspoken "Weapon of Choice" and "Lien on Your Dreams", go and buy the album today and tell them you saw and heard it first on Sensory Input. Superb.

Your rockin links in a user friendly Mp3: Weapon of Choice, Lien on Your Dreams.


...a band formed in the 70s, combines musical elements from east and west in a jazzrockfunk way...theit self titled album with the single "lion dance" on arista was produced by wayne henderson from "the crusaders" whos great song "spiral" appeard here recently...

so here is hiroshima - lion dance
expect jazz funk...again with a superb guitarsolo towards the end...

Saturday, May 5

under the munka moon.

check out alice russell to your left.
this most incredible soul voice coming out of that blond girl is just unbelievable. recently known for her vocals on will hollands -quantic soul orchestra- she released a couple albums of her own: my favorite letters (2005) and -under the munka moon 1 (2005), and 2 (2006).
following track called -somebody's gonna love you-, appeared in 2004.
if you have a couple of minutes you should definitely also check out her live remix of the white stripes seven nation army on youtube.

here are both links for you. track: alice russell - somebody's gonna love you
video: seven nation army (live in paris)

Friday, May 4

i´m jumping back and forth in time...

...and thats just fine...hehe

this is phil lowrellwith his single release "mellow mellow right on" from 1979 released on avi records and it actually is a mellow song here... there is something, this song reminds me of...hmmm that baseline...wasn´t there some band out of bristol back in the 90s with a supposedly totally new and fresh sound...???
was there???

Thursday, May 3

Neil Finn - Sinner

An excellent chilled out track from Crowded House front man Neil Finn's 1998 solo album "Try Whistling This".

This is a track with an excellent baseline and I think its a prime candidate to be remixed for a more modern club version. What do you think Julian?

Here it is available for all you sinners that can use WMA files, unfortunately something nasty like digital rights management stopped me from being able to convert to iPod friendly MP3.

Your chilled link of the day: Sinner

Wednesday, May 2

History of Music Lesson Number Three: Butch and The Sidedish

Who? Well the year was somewhere around 2002, a dark time for music.

Somewhere on the horizon, was a 24 piece band specialising in trance blues electronica rock funk that the world was not ready for. Their name? Butch and The Side Dish.

Sadly the band only recorded one studio album which plummeted in all the charts and received much critical trashing. Their genius was truly misunderstood.

All 23 members of the band except for Texas Zack died in a freak car wash accident, which was messy and yet soapy.

Here for anyone who wants an insight into the band that never was, is an exclusive deleted unreleased live track from their unbelievable album "Butch and the Sidedish: The Early Days"

Your link: She's Oblivious Live Uncut and Unrehearsed.

History of Music Lesson Two- Born on the Bayou

Variety is the spice of life and no one can conplain that we dont try hard to cover the full spectrum of musical style and taste here at Sensory Input. Bribe, blackmail and tell your friends to visit us or we'll have to re-release MC Hammer (thats a threat).

Right...Power up the flux capacitor for January 1969, we'll pay a visit to the Creedence Clearwater Revival.

A band that specialised in what was known as "swamp blues" coming out of South Lousiana in the 1960's, even though this lot came from sunny California. They played at Woodstock and went on to churn a few more tunes out before disbanding in 1972..

Some of the best lessons in life have to be learnt by trial and error. Don't make a mistake, try this track...it's superb and a classic.

Your last link this evening: Born on the Bayou

The Music, The People

This is a track I discovered through grandmaster Ike a few years ago. I rediscovered it by accident this evening. A good accident.

Top track, top band -but sadly dissapeared into nothingness.

Your link in memoriam: The People

Tuesday, May 1

back to electronic...

its baby oliver...who was totally unknown to me
until this 12" popped up...
released on the ny based environ label...
you know...morgan geist and metro area...
and you can hear geists production here...

"primetime (uptown express)" is totally weird nu-disco...

...i love it...

I see your Zutons and raise you a Kasabian

Heres something from Kasabian, thats a different sort of vibe. Theres so many quality Kasabian tracks that are perhaps a little full on and too anthemic for every day. But this one is so much more chilled out. Its a bit of a cold look on the spice that we all add to our lives, but chilled out as hell.

Its called "Beneficial Herbs"- say no more.

Enjoy your link- Beneficial Herbs

you know i get this funny feeling..

who has got the zuton fever ? this track opens the first ever release by the zutons from '04 named: who killed the zutons? - you might not like it the first time around but i gurantee that from the second time you hear it, you wont be able to forget about the zutons anymore.
originally a four-piece, abi harding began joining the zutons on stage for a couple of songs mid-set, playing simple saxophone lines. she was very popular with the crowd. the other band members liked the way the saxophone enhanced their sound. abi became a full member, contributing vocals and sax. her trademark: she always performs barefoot on stage
this is a live recording from the koko club from feb '06.

link: the zutons - zuton fever / live at the koko club