Tuesday, August 28

real talent from the middle east..

so, this cd was slippped to me by a friend yesterday. some three israeli indie / reggae girls -mc karolina, dana adini and yael deckelbaum make up -habanot nechama (hebrew: consolation).
minimalist arrangements of no more then acoustic guitars and warm lucious drums bring this album to life and make up a record of layed back summery thats hard to resist.
this song called - ever. a completely random choice as choosing which one to post was quiet difficult.

there you go: habanot nechama - ever

Saturday, August 25

one off's-quantic remixes and b-sides

will 'quantic' holland has been building up a reputation as a prolific musician, writer, remixer and producer since his first release on -tru thoughts in January 2001. in that time he has released six albums for the label under -quantic, -the limp twins and -the quantic soul orchestra monikers. through this period he has been hugely in demand as a remixer from artists and labels (both major and upcoming) and has amassed a huge discography of 'one offs, Remixes and B sides' which is what this EP is about, featuring 5 tracks from a forthcoming double album and 2 exclusive vinyl tracks.

Thursday, August 23

new feature: search for content content

there you go, pretty basic yet very practical. use it

and another one...

another mix of myself...i actually did today...
musically...somewhere between funk/rock/disco/jazz...

giulio in august

duration: 1h 5min, about 90mb...if u want a tracklist..send a message...


take me to the banzai republic...

...i dont know where it is...but it sounds great!!!

banzai repubic is the project of torsten bo jacobsen, a danish producer, jon anderson and adam seitzmayer.
as banzai republic they had several releases on the super chillout "music for dreams" label, mentioned here...
the song i have for you, appeared on the the exclusive "balearic biscuits" label....it is called "remember me"...and the thing about it is, that it´s a re-edit of an annie lennox interpretation of "fields of gold", by sting...
hmm...worth checking out??....i think so:
banzai republic - remember me

Sunday, August 19

finally woken..

welsh songstress -jem's debut release is a combination of bright melodies, soul-searching lyrics and diverse rhythms that grab you from the first listen. her seemingly innocent lyrics contain those closely observed details that are as much about optimism as they are about discovery. jem's simplistically alluring vocals stringing along subtle electronic percussion, ear-catching samples, and melodic loops built from traditional instruments. Following song called -save me and its one of my favourites from this great album from '04.

check it out: jem - save me

Thursday, August 16

come a little closer...

...and get to know gino soccio, a french canadian artist/producer, known for his disco/eurodisco productions in the late 70s/early 80s...
this song is "closer", titletrack to soccio´s album from ´81 on atlantic records.
"closer" is pretty different to his other work...rather slow, relaxed and calmed...actually not disco at all...
at least in th common sense of it...
check it out: gino soccio - closer

Wednesday, August 15

seeing things..rock? hardly.

well after giuliodj posted this crazy remix i had no chance but to put some raw zero7 material up..its so smooth... . -henry binns and sam hardaker definetely one of my favorite crews of the past years.
after they gained recognition with their first album -simple things which featured vocals from the incredible -sia furler; you might remember songs like -in the waiting line and -destiny which have helped numerous commercial, tv shows ect to to get attention.
in any way, i have picked a song from their latest release -the garden from '06 and extremely mellow album. its worth listening to all of their records!

lets get you started: zero 7 - seeing things

Monday, August 13

less talk...more rock!!

...with joe walsh...who was the guitar player of "the eagles" before starting a solo carreer...
the song i post here is taken from his third soloalbum "so what", from 1975

here is joe walsh - country fair

Saturday, August 4

some get-together

check this thievery corporation mix of nouvelle vagues' -this is not a love song. there is really not much for me to add, as songs from both artists where already posted on this blog. what can you do - if an artist you like mixes a song that you love then the result is much greater than the sum of all single parts.. listen it.. it might make your day.

mr hill - the darkest hour

so, i am back. after having a hard disk breakdown i have managed to recover some of my music and also found some new material to post. As a start i wanted to post this song by -mr. hill aka todd gumke a dj/producer out of seattle. his latest release from past february brings some crazy instrumental tracks but each one with its own little edge.
definitely worth listening in. - check it out.

download link mr hill - the letter