Friday, March 30

some more 70s "space jazz"...

with the legendary Kool and the Gang!!
"summer madness" in a live version
from the 1976 album "Love and Understanding"
sampled many many times...this is just
an ace song with THE killer synth-line!!!
...a classic...

kool and the gang - summer madness (live version)

Wednesday, March 28

its time for quincyjones

...the legendary producer is one of the most influential
black musicians of the past century!!
he did loads of stuff before producing michael jackson.
from jazz to funk to pop...
read about it...a bioraphy is added to this mp3 file...
if you play it in itunes..just look in the songlyrics!!!

this is quincy jones - summer in the city
what a great track...
sampled many times...
but nothing beats the original!!

Tuesday, March 27

quantic, quantic, quantic.

one year on from his debut album the 5th exotic, Quantic delivered his second album apricot morning where this song is featured
will holland, aka Quantic, has developed a sound combining influences from jazz, hip hop, afro, funk, soul and breakbeats to forge a style that is truly original
you should check out

here is your link: quantic - transatlantic

Monday, March 26

special treat

here is something special for you...
i did this mix yesterday...its called
"put up your feet"...and thats what
you should be doing
when you listen to this!!

its a mix of jazzrock, balearic sounds and
some relaxed enjoy

here it is: giuliodj - put up your feet
duration: 1h 1min
playlist on demand

Saturday, March 24

the mirror conspiracy.

thievery corporation consists of the dj dou of rob garza and eric hilton (to your left) who are located in washington dc.
their music is based on downtempo electronic beats influenced randomly by acid jazz, indian folk and brazilian styles to create a great lounge atmosphere.
lebanese blonde appeared on their second album -the mirror conspiracy- which came out in 2000 on the -eighteenth street lounge (esl)- label

what a classic.- here is the link: thievery corporation -lebanese blonde

Friday, March 23

...a short one...

..but a great one..
this is taken from "Five Summer Stories", a surf movie from 1972
the song is called "brad and david´s theme", by honk

i heard this song played by the great dj harvey, a surfer himself...
its such a lovely song..i wish there was a longer version of it...

maybe there is...
check it out: honk - brad and david´s theme

Wednesday, March 21

a case study in beats, soul and funk

greyboy manages to mix beats extraordinarily and keeps a solid groove throughout all his albums.
get some time and listen to them - you wont regret it.
this song opens the album called -soul mosaic- which appeared in 2004 on ubiquity records.

here is your link: greyboy - genevieve_(ft_bart_davenport)

Tuesday, March 20

crosby, stills, nash (and young)

...the legendary supergroup that later turned into a quartet
...was one of the most popular rock/softrock/folkrock bands
in the 60s and early 70s in the us.
i want to present you "wooden ships",

originally release on the selftitled album from 1973...this is the version with neil young from the 1974 album "so far" with artwork from joni mitchell

hope you like it too:

crosby, stills, nash and young - wooden ships

Monday, March 19

another strike

...from the Strike Boys.
i dont know the whole album to be honest, but this track could still make it between my summer records. released at the german Stereo Deluxe record label in 2004, the track 'I am a Wiitness' just lifts your day, thoughts and spirit.
so get in the mood and enjoy

I am a Witness

jurassic 5 - they got the cure for your rap disease

the fantastic crew of rappers called jurassic 5 released this track on their self titled album from 1998.
consisting of chali 2na, akil, zaakir aka soup, mark 7even on the mics and djs u-mark and cut chemist on the turntables, they always manage to create quality hip hop that just sounds right
you should definitely listen in!

here is the link: jurassic 5 - jayou

Sunday, March 18

its jazz rock again....what else

german jazzmusician and former member of the famous
"dave pike set", volker kriegel released "topical harvest" in ´75/´76

"often known as the Father of Jazz Rock"...quote from
not much to add to this.
here´s the one song i like the most from that album

"circus gambet" by volker kriegel
sit back...and close your eyes...(if you want to)...enjoy!!!

Friday, March 16

The Finest Electro-Jazz

man what a great song -
i discovered this track - called Ocean Games by Funk 4 Sale, on the Saint Germain des Pres Café compilation (check the picture)
another great female jazz vocalist on smooth electro beats and live instruments - perfect harmony!

here is the download link: Funk 4 Sale - Ocean Game

Thursday, March 15

from southern sudan

Emmanuel Jal was born around 1980 in Tonj, Southern Sudan.

Gua is the name of Jal's first album which is recorded in a mix of rap in Arabic, English, Kiswahili, Dinka and Nuer.

The title track, posted right here is also called "Gua" and was a number one hit in Kenya.

Listen in!

link Emmanuel Jal - Gua

swing your hips... this sound...
its the "oriental express" by the french band voyage.
released in 1977 on their selftitled album on marlin records...
i could imagine people dance to that oriental discosound...

...and loose their mind....easily...

check it: voyage - oriental express

Wednesday, March 14

..another feist song

well, i couldnt help myself.. i know i posted a feist song just the other day, and also warned you about that album. now its time to present it - and what song would be more suiting that this one. feist - my moon my man / from the reminder (2007) i am fairly sure that you are going to like it since it is an excellent song here is the link: feist - my moon my man

the final thing... a spacy,groovy disco track with such a killer baseline by karl-heinz bender aka steve bender. the former singer of the german discoband dschinghis khan!!! released this record in 1977 on london records. it made the top 10 billboard-charts in the us!!

i present you the instrumental version:

steve bender - the final thing (instr.)

Tuesday, March 13

Mehr als nur Kompakt

Reinhardt Voigts, "Liebe Deine Musik"
can ber found on the fifth edition of Kompakt Total.
All KT mixes are very electro, techno, and house based and are more for people who can enjoy the pulsating beats.

Download link:

Welcome to the sound of Ethio-Jazz

Mulatu of Ethiopia - Yegelle Tezet
This wonderfully groovy and hypnotic track can be found on Mulatu Astatqe’s Ethiopiques Vol. 4 compilation (1998).
Mulatu’s music beautifully blends traditional Ethiopian melodies in a jazz/funk background, creating a quite unique sound. Get listening already!

link: Mulatu of Ethiopia - yegelle tezet

Monday, March 12

lay back and listen this relaxed track by the very relaxed laid back from denmark. its called "fly away, walking in the sunshine" and is to be found on the album "keep smiling" from ´83. if you dont like the first 4 minutes of this patient... and wait for the second part of it...

check it out: fly away, walking in the sunshine

listen to feist

open season - this is the title to feist's latest album. it offers a variety of remixes to her excellent record from 2004 named let it die
feist's voice sounds like a mix of a shy girl with elements of a serious punk artist. very unique
Actually, a new album called -the reminder- is about to come shortly. go and buy it!

donwload link: feist - one evening (vw remix)

Sunday, March 11

back in 1985...

...helen´s "zanzibar" got released
on discomagic records, an italodisco label from milan
it´s the b-side that i think is really great:
the afromix by daniele losi and roberto lodola...
i wouldnt even know how to describe this song...
it has an afro, reggea and tropical touch...just lovely
tell me what you think of it....leave a comment!!
here´s the link: helen - zanzibar (afromix)

Saturday, March 10

from the Ministry

Bents 2004 released album Ariels
is perfect for relaxed evenings at
home or with friends.

released at londons famous
Ministry of Sound, these two boys
from Nottingham give a spheric mood to every sofa.

Oh Lily!

the young british pop-star lily allen is yet to be discovered by global MTV audience.
there is no doubt in my mind however that teenagers all over the world are going to buy plenty of her records. until then i am posting a remixed version of her hit "smile" which appeared on her debut album - alright, still.
you should take a look at her site - its entirely set up for the new generation of internet users (

here is the download link: Lily Allen - Smile (version revisted)

Friday, March 9

from jazz-funk to jazz rock!!!

this is jan akkerman on his self-titled album from 1977... when i first heard the track "streetwalker"...i thought i just found the holy grail or something like that....the way...akkerman´s guitarplay interacts with all the other instruments like the strings, synths, keyboards and what else just blows my mind...not to forget all the drums and the percussion!!!...this is definitely one of my all time favorites!!! here´s the link: jan akkerman - streetwalker

Wednesday, March 7

easy boom...sour

this is truly a fabulous track which i first heard in some club at the edinburgh fringe.
having forgotten all about it, i rediscovered it about a year ago and cant stop listening to it ever since.

i hope you will like it.

download link please.. Drumagick - Easy Boom sour
(Easy Boom / Funquiada – Single 12")

Monday, March 5

"the original indian diva of jazz, funk and soul"

thats a selfdescription by ASHA PUTHLI
and actually i dont have a lot to add to this
the song is called "right down here"
i think its from ´73...
and here in a re-edit by myself!!

hope you like it: asha puthli - right down here (giuliodj edit)

Where do I begin....

The Away Team remix gives this classic Shirley Bassey tune (to your left) a fresh breath of air while keeping the focus on the big band in the background. very nice.
The original, by the way, appeared in 1971 with lyrics written by Carl Sigman

download link: Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix)

Sunday, March 4

Moloko is good for you

The Flipside,
maybe my favourite Moloko track, was first published on 'i m not a doctor' in 1998.
Moloko, russian for milk, put together a gentle, still exciting mix of beats, rythms, and lyrics that is never out of date.
it's the Flipside

download link right here:

Friday, March 2

i´m gonna slow it down a bit

"naa er druene paa sitt beste" is
a track of lindstroms and prins thomas
self titled album from 2005
at first i didn´t pay much attention
to this track but the more i listen to it
the more i love it

i hope you like it too:
lindstrom & prins thomas - naa er druene paa sitt beste

ike: a tune that makes my weekend

finley quaye - even after all

this song was released in 1997 on the Maverick a Strike album. all of the songs featured on this album are simply excellent - you should definitely listen in.

i hope you like it, here is the download link
donwload: finley quaye_even after all

Thursday, March 1

Schmiels first Groove

this Track is part of Compost records
'Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 1'.

Simple and Groovy tunes
let you float into the
summer mood

download link

giuliodj: can you believe

the beach boys made a discorecord...??

yes they did!!! its called "here comes the night"

it got released in 1979 on Caribou Records
yes it is a disco track...but with the typical beach boys choirs and harmonies going on

check it out: