Monday, July 30

more music is a song by the eagles...the inredibly succesful rock band of the 70s...with millions and millions of record sales...
...and everybody knows their superhit "hotel california"... is a song from their last studio album "the long run" from album that was number one in the us-charts for weeks...

so here is the eagles - those shoes...

Wednesday, July 25

with love from me to you... is a mix i did yesterday...
one hour of balearic sounds...slo-mo disco...electro and some rock

i hope you enjoy it...
giuliodj - july07mix

ps: you can send me a message if you want a tracklist...

Sunday, July 22

soundtrack to the summer

...this one´s for those of you enjoying the beach and the sea right now... a perfect relaxed summer/beach tune by dj disse from the "music for dreams america" label. released in april this year...

we get a dubbed out downtempo version of the lou reed classic "take a walk on the wild side"...
just perfect for a sunset at the beach... check it out and enjoy:
dj disse - walk on the wild side

Saturday, July 21

here we go...

...with a new great track...
i was gone for a week...but back with lots of great songs, remixes, etc...

here is sandy nelson, famous session- and studio drummer in the 50s and 60s...with a fine moment here...
sandy nelson - quite a beat
just about 2 minutes long....enjoy

Thursday, July 19

band of bees

this is some music i got of giuliodj's computer almost a a year ago. I can tell you - as you have probably found out for yourself already, this guy has a crazy taste in music - but respect that.
however, they are generally classified as an indie rock group,- the band of bees' style of music is influenced by a colourful range of 60's rock,country, raggea and jazz. the Bees have so far released three albums:2002's mercury puzzle, -sunshine hit me(which was acclaimed by critics for being recorded in frontman Paul Butler's own garden shed), its '04 major label follow-up -free the bees, and the band's most recent work,-octupus from '07.

Saturday, July 14

coming home.

well, coming from nouvelle vagues' coming home compilation released very recently, i've decided to post this song by -piero umiliani called -bambole. like many of his italian colleagues at the time, piero umiliani composed the scores for many exploitation films in the '60ies and '70ies. although not as widely regarded as, for example, -ennio morricone or -riz ortolani, he helped form the style of the typical European '60s/'70s jazz soundtrack that has recently been experiencing a revival through films like -kill bill and -oceans's twlevev (..shit movie by the way).

check out your link piero umiliani - bambole

Tuesday, July 10

whatever we want III

there is one more track i of whateverwewant records that i want to post here...again of "quiet village"...
its "cant be beat" from weww02 from 2005. its another slowmotionpychodelicjazzrocksoundtrack kinda track...with pitched-down vocals...another one of my favourites

quiet village - cant be beat
check it out

Sunday, July 8

more of whatever we want

here is another great production/remix duo releasing on "whateverwewant" records: QUIET VILLAGE, consisting of matt edwards aka radioslave aka rekid and joel martin aka dj zeus.
quiet villages´characteristic style of slowmotionbalearicdarkdiscorocksoundtrack that involves a lot of very smart sampling has made their records very much sought after. records have been sold on ebay for $100 and more!!

so be happy with an mp3...or two.
first track is "too high to move" from whateverwewant006

Saturday, July 7

the embassy

actuallty i just stumbled upon this band on a new music blog called -debaser. from the little i could find out about them, the embassy - a relatively new swedish band consisting of tristan cooke, mertyn nooy, relased this album called -tracking in '05.
check them out, -time's tight is a subttle song with very catchy guitar elements - classy indie rock with swedish accents.
hit the link and listen

Wednesday, July 4

speaking of "rub n tug"...

this is one of their recent remixes for "zero 7" from 2006. here eric and thomas present a rather conservative, or maybe more "mass market" compatible remix. (major label...)

anyway...its some damn good work!!
enjoy: zero 7 - futures (rub n tug remix)